Cardioimmunology Zurich 2022




2:00 PM

Arrival and registration

4:00 PM

Welcome mixer and reception

5:00 PM

Opening plenary session

Burkhard Ludewig

Congress Hall

Leslie Cooper, Jr.

Epidemiology and clinical features of myocarditis

5:45 PM

Symposium 1

Inflammatory processes in ischemic and non-ischemic heart disease

Stefan Frantz & Urs Eriksson 

Carsten Tschöpe

Viral infection and cardiac inflammation

Burkhard Ludewig

Microbiome and myocarditis

Taejoon Won

Immune cell crosstalk in myocarditis

Short talk 1

Murilo Delgobo

Rapid differentiation of regulatory CD4+ T cells in the infarcted myocardium blunts in situ inflammation

8:00 PM





08:30 AM

Symposium 2

Innate and adaptive immune mechanisms in cardiac inflammation

Francesco Paneni & Peter Rainer

Pilar Alcaide

Immunological basis of cardiac fibrosis

Gustavo Ramos

Immune cell dynamics in myocardial healing

Slava Epelman

Cardiac macrophages in health and disease

Short talk 2

Madeleine Cunningham

Immunophenotypes and transcriptional signatures in the pathogenesis of myocarditis progression  to heart failure in humans

10:15 AM

Coffee break

Congress Hall

10:45 AM

Symposium 3

Diagnosis of myocardial and pericardial inflammatory disease

Perry Elliott & Dörthe Schmidt

Alida Caforio

EMB and heart-reactive autoantibodies for etiology-directed treatment

Robert Manka

Cardiovascular imaging: Stratification of cardiac inflammatory diseases

Pilar Martín

MicroRNAs for the detection of acute myocarditis

Short talk 3

Maurits Sikking

Clonal hematopoiesis has prognostic value innon-ischemic dilated cardiomyopathy

12:30 PM

Lunch and poster viewing

Congress Hall

02:00 PM

Short talks 4-9: Latest highlights in cardioimmunology

Andreas Flammer & Ardan Saguner

Suchita Nadkarni

Placental inflammation leads to abnormal embryonic heart development

Coraline Heron

Lymphatic endothelial cell guidance of cardiac immune cell exit in experimental pressure-overload-induced dilated cardiomyopathy

Giuseppe Rizzo

Dynamics of monocyte-derived macrophage diversity in experimental myocardial infarction

Margarete Heinrichs

β1-adrenergic receptor epitopes trigger CD4+ T cell responses in HLA-DRB13 myocardial infarction patients

Theresa Dolejsi

T-cell derived IFN-γ fuels the regeneration to scarring progression after MI

Soumaya Ben-Aicha

Human macrophages are immunoprofiled by pericardial fluid small extracellular vesicles modulating lipid metabolism mechanisms

3:45 PM

Coffee break

4:15 PM

Symposium 4

Cardiotoxicity in checkpoint inhibitor therapy

Gianluigi Condorelli & Susanne Sattler

Nicole Joller

Immune checkpoint inhibition: Molecules and mechanism

Javid Moslehi


Marinos Kallikourdis

T cell costimulation blockade in heart failure

Short talk 10

Vishal Vyas

Unravelling the local immune landscape in atrial fibrillation: The role of tissue-resident memory T cells

6:00 PM

Poster presentation and wine tasting

8:00 PM





8:30 AM

Symposium 5

Therapy of cardiac inflammation

Leslie Cooper, Jr.

Stephane Heymans

Phenomics in dilated cardiomyopathies, from genes to inflammation

Federica Marelli-Berg

T cells as therapeutic targets in cardiac inflammation

DeLisa Fairweather

Diagnosis and treatment of Covid-19-associated myocarditis

Short talk 11

Lalit Kumar Dubey

Lymph node fibroblastic reticular cells and sepsis: A new tale to cardiac biology

10:15 AM

Coffee break


10:45 AM

Closing plenary session and round table discussion

Frank Ruschitzka & Finn Gustafsson

Paul Ridker

Targeting innate and adaptive immune responses in atherothrombosis

Perry Elliott

Current and future treatment of cardiomyopathy

12:15 PM

Round table discussion and conclusion of the meeting

1:00 PM